We fly fast, close and safe. All of our drones are built with the best the industry has to offer.

Our Pilots all have A1-A2-A3 Drone certification from EASA.

Insured up to 2M-6M Euros. 

Some of our partners include.

GensAce - the best LiPo batteries in the biz.

HobbyRC.co.uk - Where we buy all out drone parts from.

Duzentos.pt - media partner.

FPVframe.ch - Our micro to mid size FPV drones.

INSTA360 - best 360 cameras for drones.


Flying near the cliffs of Sta Cruz

Emanuel Pombo, probably crazier then we are. Decided to show us how he warms up on a saturday morning. Yes if he misses that jump he is in big danger. Check out the video on instagram.

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